Averaging Pitot Tube


  • Inline, insertion, flanged or wet tap versions available.
  • Market leader of Averaging Pitot Tube Flow Meters.
  • Gases, liquids and steam with bi-directional flow capability.
  • The most robust and accurate tube design.

Ease of Use & Installation:

  • Perfect for gas, liquid, vapour and steam applications.
  • High Temperature and Pressure designs available.
  • Ideal for flow system upgrades and expansions.

The Meriam Accutube averaging pitot tube is a field proven flow meter offering the most robust and accurate averaging flow meter design available for the simplest to the most difficult applications.

Each Accutube is pneumatically pressure tested to ensure no leak paths are present. Whilst other companies, who are newer to the industry, changed their tube shapes to Bullet, Diamond or Flat-Face designs with assertions that each is better than the other; Meriam continued to manufacture thousands of averaging pitot tubes, successfully solving applications worldwide spanning over 50 years.

Meriam manufactures the widest range of Averaging Pitot Tubes for gases, liquids and steam with bi-directional flow capability. Under the Accutube brand name, there are four mounting configurations available: Inline, Insertion, Flanged and Wet Tap which can provide a flow solution for the toughest applications. To provide the complete flow solution, we can provide DP or Multivariable transmitters from the brand of your choice. Alternatively we can recommend the best fit for your application.

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