Flow Meters

Averaging Pitot Tube

Meriam manufactures the widest range of Averaging Pitot Tubes for gases, liquids and steam with bi-directional flow capability. Under the Accutube brand name, there are four mounting configurations: Inline, Insertion, Flanged and Wet Tap which can provide a flow solution for your toughest applications.


Orifice Plate

Engineered for each application, Meriam orifice plates are precision bored to exact dimensions with a sharp upstream edge to ensure accuracy. Orifice information is stamped on the unique handle. This handle is designed to facilitate storage of the plate without damage to the orifice bore. Pair a Meriam orifice plate with an orifice flange to provide a convenient, accurate method for installing orifice plates.


Orifice Flange

Meriam raised-face orifice flange unions are designed to provide a convenient, accurate method for installing orifice plates. They incorporate accurately positioned pressure taps for connecting the flow measuring instruments. This eliminates the requirement of locating pressure taps in the field. Improper location of these taps will result in poor accuracy of the flow measuring system. These built-in taps also reduce field installation labour necessary for welding, drilling and/or tapping pressure taps on the flow line itself. Meriam orifice flanges are provided complete with nuts, bolts, gaskets and plugs for installation with no other parts required.

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