Meriam Well Type Manometers

Well Type Manometers

The Meriam Model 30EBX25 and 30EFX25 well type manometers are direct reading manometers designed for process, general purpose production testing, or laboratory measurement of pressures, vacuums or differential pressures. Designed for a maximum operating pressure of 250 PSIG*, these instruments can also be used to measure flow, tank level, and pressure drop or... (more details)


Meriam Multiple Tube Manometer

Multiple Tube Well Type Manometers

Model 33KBX35, Meriam multiple tube well type manometer, is a versatile instrument used in production testing, process measurement and for laboratory data analysis. Up to six individual direct reading manometer systems are enclosed in individual compact cases. Each tube (system) can be used to measure pressure, vacuum, differential pressure, flow or liquid level. Complex pressure... (more details)


Meriam Inclined Manometer

Inclined Tube Manometers

Inclined Well Type Manometer for wall mounting is offered with scales from 20″ to 60″ long in differential ranges from 2″ to 20″. This economical and durable instrument fills the high sensitivity and accuracy requirements for low differential pressure ranges at operating pressures up to 350 PSI. Inclined manometers provide greater readability by stretching a vertical differential along an inclined... (more details)


Meriam U Tube Manometer

U Tube Manometers

The U Type Manometer is a versatile, economical instrument and is the primary basic standard of pressure measurement. Pressure measurements are accomplished by balancing a vertical head of indicating fluid with the pressure to be measured. As there are no cams, gears or levers to operate in the manometer, the readings obtained are always accurate. Mounting holes are provided... (more details)


Meriam High Pressure Manometer

High Pressure U Tube Manometers

The Model 20DAX40 manometer is designed for the measurement of pressures, vacuums or differential pressures with a maximum operating pressure of 400 PSI. This manometer is of very rigid construction designed primarily for high line pressure operation. Only carefully selected, fully annealed glass tubing is used. The manometer scale is located to permit quick and accurate reading of the indicating columns... (more details)

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