Meri-Cal Portable Digital Manometer Calibrator

Meriam Meri-Cal Portable Digital Manometer Calibrator

High Accuracy:

  • Pressure: ± 0.1% of reading, ± 1 count.
  • Voltage/Current: ± 0.1% of reading, ± 2 counts.
  • Optional ± 0.05% of reading, ±1 count on pressure sensors.

Rugged Design:

  • Non-isolated sensor for clean, dry, non-corrosive gases.
  • Impact resistant ABS enclosure.
  • Protective conformal coating on internal components.

The Meriam Meri-Cal display simultaneously indicates pressure or differential pressure and electronic transducer / transmitter output in any of eight key selectable engineering units. Meri-Cal continues to provide the most cost effective and useful method of precise measurements.

The Meri-Cal may be used for test measurement of pressure or differential pressure and as a calibrator for mechanical recorders, gauges, pneumatic controls and electronic transducers and transmitters.

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