Meriam M200 Series

M200 Smart Digital Manometers

Meriam’s M2 Series Smart Manometers bring high precision and value to handheld, digital manometer users. The M2 features NIST traceable accuracy of +0.025% of F.S., independent of temperature effect, at the lowest prices available. Pressure ranges from 10” H2O F.S. to 3000 PSIG F.S. are available... (more details)


Meriam M200DI

M200DI Wet / Wet Differential Pressure Smart Manometer

Meriam’s M200‐DI handheld Smart Manometer for liquids brings high accuracy to wet/wet differential pressure applications. Potentially corrosive or wet gases are also handled by the M200‐DI. Wetted parts are 316L SS with Viton O‐rings (consult Stockshed for other material)... (more details)


Meriam M201

M201 Rotary Gas Meter Tester

Meriam's M201 is a special manometer that has been built specially for testing rotary gas meters used in commercial and industrial utilities. The M201 has special dampening circuitry to offset pulsation and provide an accurate differential reading. The M201 has two hoses that need to be connected to two pressure points, one upstream of the meter and the other downstream. This is usually accomplished via two plugs installed in the taps located at the top of most rotary meters... (more details)


Meriam M202

M202 Precision Absolute Manometer Calibrator

Meriam’s model M202 Precision Absolute Manometer brings calibration bench accuracy to a portable, handheld unit. This combination of accuracy and fluid compatibility makes the M202 ideal for environmental, test or real-time process measurements of pressure relative to absolute zero. General Purpose (G.P.) and Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) models are available.... (more details)


Meriam M203 Altimeter

M203 Altimeter Indicated Air Speed Tester

The M203 Altimeter / Indicated Air Speed Tester accurately measures pressure from 0 – 900 mm Hg (17.40 PSI) relative to absolute zero. Selecting the “ALT / IAS” unit from Program Mode converts the M203 to Altitude Mode for use in checking altimeter instrumentation. Pressing the ALT / IAS button toggles the M203 to Indicated Air Speed Mode for checking air speed instrumentation. Pressing the ALT / IAS button again returns to the Altitude display. English or S.I. units for Altitude and Indicated Air Speed are user selectable... (more details)


Meriam M200LS Manometer

M200LS Laboratory Standard Smart Manometer

Meriam’s M200LS Lab Standard Smart Manometer offers the best available pressure measurement accuracy in a portable, handheld format. The NIST traceable accuracy is typically ±0.01% of F.S. and is independent of temperature effect over an operating temperature range of 15° to 30°C. Pressure ranges from 28″ H2O F.S. to 500 PSIG F.S. are available... (more details)


Meriam MFT4000

MFT4000 CE and MFT4010 IS Multi-Function Modular Calibrator / HART Communicator

The MFT 4000 Calibrator is a base unit for calibration work with selected NIST traceable sensor modules & integral voltage/current meter. The MFT 4010 Calibrator with HART® is a base unit for modules and full device specific HART communications. Quick Cal displays HART PV and AO along with MFT’s NIST traceable measurements. User can identify needed trim(s) and access the trim... (more details)


Meriam M4 Series

M4 Series Precision Calibrator Data Logger

Meriam’s M4 Series Handheld Precision Calibrator / Data Logger delivers an impressive array of features, functions and an impressive accuracy specification. The M400 includes one pressure sensor and one mA/V instrument. Choose from differential, gauge, compound or absolute pressure types and ranges from 10″ H2O to 3000 PSIG full scale... (more details)


Meriam M1 Series

M1 Series Digital Manometer Calibrator

The M1 Series of handheld manometers from Meriam Process Technologies combines form, fit and function to deliver precision pressure measurement for field, plant or lab use. For reference indication and shirt pocket convenience, select the low cost M100 Digital Manometer with its +/- 0.25% FS accuracy... (more details)

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